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Case Study Reality Check

Five months on since our launch and I have gone back to some of AHB Cosmetics Highlight & Strobe Kit’s first customers and asked them how they feel about our palette.

 For us there has been some learning and people have been using the palette for things which we didn’t foresee, (that’s not using it as a coffee coaster) but I’ll let you read on to see!

One of my early adopters is a lady who is a very successful full time IT professional and mum of two gorgeous young children. She has been one of my clients for some time so I know how busy she is.

 Having used the product for some time I asked her what her thoughts were about the product and to be brutally honest about it. So with bated breath and fingers crossed I waited for the reply.

 This is what she had to say.

 1) Love the fact I have been able to use it both before a holiday tan and after my holiday tan.

 2) It's versatile the different colours have allowed me to use the make up for all different occasions ... I’m able to use them to create different looks for different occasions i.e. I use it before my day starts for work, I use it at weekends, and I use it to P-A-R-T-A-A-A-Y.

 3) I love the generosity of how much you actually get in one package. Makes it very reasonably priced for how much you actually get!

 4) I love the shimmer too!

 5) I love the fact that I not only use the make up to highlight-blush-bronze but use them as eye-shadows too!

 So with my fingernails a little shorter and in need of a manicure, I received great news from a real working professional mum. Besides meeting our own brief of versatility for any skin tone and the ability to create day or evening looks our customers have found other benefits that we hadn’t foreseen.

 I have also had our first re-order from a customer who has used the kit so much they have depleted our huge pan sizes!

 Feedback so far has been amazing! It’s been one journey that at times have tested, but every moment has been worthwhile and that we are helping our clients to look amazing in no time at all!!


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