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Making the most of life as a working mum, while still looking great!

About Me

When I look back at how things have changed for me since having my children, I realise how much my lifestyle has changed by being a mum. I'm a full time working mum, with two beautiful daughters and a loving supportive husband. 

Just to give a little bit of my background, I've always had a strong work ethic, even at university I had two part time jobs. Then once graduated I started a career in banking. I knew from day one banking wasn't my calling and so took the stance that only I could fulfil my own destiny, and so started an Indian Head Massage course and thats where I found my forte! Continuing with my nightschool beauty classes, retraining and then took the plunge to resign from the Bank and set up my own business.

Now an established business in Staffordshire with a devoted clientele, I then found myself yearning to see that one make-up revelation which would work for me in any situation. My search proved fruitless, hence how this all began.....

Great Looking Mum

Maybe you will recognise me in yourself?...How your style has adapted as the years go by...

As a student I experimented with fashion and make up and made a few mistakes along the way (90's clubbing and Republica red hair, thinking I was Saffron!)....

Then onto my corporate stage, years of suits (eeek with blue tartan, I was at RBS)!

First time mum, well it was an effort to even get dressed! Never mind make up!

At this moment in time however,  I'm more comfortable in my own skin. Because I work hard, I feel I deserve to look good. I love to treat myself to an investment bag, great shoes or even a nice piece of jewellery, it helps to fuel the positivity required to drive me through the mountain of tasks each day throws at me. Be it my daughters after school hobbies, homework, "non school uniform days", (Yes....guilty of frantically going home to change clothes when seeing the other kids in their own clothes!), working in the salon, drinks with my girlfriends.  But whatever I'm doing I feel good in my wardrobe, do you?

My Wardrobe

I love high end brands and the thrill, indulgence and routine of a shopping trip purely for an outfit I had in my mind for a certain occasion, and looking in the mirror and thinking ‘that’s not bad!'.

However, with daughters who don’t like shopping for hours on end (& also not having those hours to spare in the first place)! I think I’m not alone in that my bedroom has become a changing room and the delivery man, (who I’m on first name terms with) is my store assistant, handing me the various sizes I’ve ordered to try on. 

Now shopping trips usually result in arguments over Toys R Us or Smyths. Leaving me too stressed to try on outfit after outfit, or feeling shamed by the store assistants glares once the kids are bored and start to play hide and seek amongst the clothes rails.

Make Up

I wear my work uniform for hours a day, and while things have moved on I’ve never seen a uniform that I would choose to wear in my recreation time. So it's important that my make up is immaculate, and hides the subtle signs of fatigue which started during labour of my first child, and never left!

It took years of experimenting to find a cosmetics brand that suited my skin, not to mention the cost of products failing to live up to the hype. I used to spend hours in front of the mirror blending and experimenting, particularly for a night out with a glass of vino in one hand and a make up brush in the other!

However, nowadays, on the rare occasion when I do have a special night out it takes half the evening to settle the children, and the chances are I'll be like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty hybrid come midnight  and more than than likely be nodding off in the back of a taxi (which hopefully won't turn into a pumpkin). So spending hours getting ready just isn't an option anymore!

With all this in mind I looked at the cosmetic brands I stocked in my salon and brands that I had used for years. I realised that as a busy working mum who wants to look as fantastic as she could, nothing catered for my needs and the time trade off was just too much.

I developed the AHB Cosmetics Highlight & Strobe Kit with the aim to create one product which anyone could use to look amazing whether day or night, in no time at all.  In one complete package (so I didn’t have to spend hours looking for the blusher which had been kicked under the bed by one of the kids).

My results are in the AHB Cosmetics Highlight & Strobe Kit, which has ticked every one of those boxes. Without doubt it has made my life easier and freed up valuable time. I can't remember the last time anyone commented on my makeup before I wore my palette but now it's a regular occurrence, which always uplifts my day. I’m glad that I have been in the position to help other ladies like me whose spare time is more valuable than we have ever realised, and who absolutely deserve to look their best!!! 



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