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Mothers Day and Dreams.....

Mothers day holds a special place for AHB Cosmetics. The name itself is derived from the initials of myself and my two daughters.  Having worked in the beauty industry for 15 years I wanted to create a legacy for my girls and that is where it all started....

But my inspiration came from my own mother, who has passed on her legacy to me. She came from Hong Kong in 1964 with nothing but the clothes on her back.  She had seen poverty that she had protected my siblings and I from in Hong Kong and came over to England to pursue her dreams.....

And that is exactly what she did, she has been no stranger to hard work and commitment. She started off working in a cafe and worked and saved until she had enough money to start her own business.  She worked tirelessly to make a success of her business and then in turn started further bigger ventures, all the time looking after her children, this ultimately was her dream, to own businesses and earn to give us all a better future - my Mum went on to have 7 of us!

When we finally convinced her to retire, she had become well known and loved in the local community.

She now keeps busy with her grandchildren, at this moment in time she has 9 grandchildren who are her world, and I know that my two daughters love her dearly.

It is my mother who has shown me the work ethics I have today, and by embedding her qualities and determination into me, its now the start of my dreams to finally come true.

Thank you Mum, and Happy Mothers Day!Xx


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