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Our First Exhibition

This week we had our very first exhibition stand at Professional Beauty North.

This was certainly an experience with plenty of learning, and was challenging in many ways from leaving the kids for the weekend to the logistics of getting everything ready. The bonus was I got to eat at my favourite Chinese restaurant Happy Seasons 3 times!

We met some lovely people from Salons up and down the country, and other exhibitors. It was great to see the ladies on the stand next door, Maskateers  doing really well too!

I may have slightly overestimated how much stock we would need and the Ford Transit may have been overkill but if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. The large van did help my husband who decided to sleep in it as he was worried about the stock overnight! 

The show went well for us with some really positive comments from ladies (and some gents) trying our brand for the first time.  It's not difficult to see the quality of our powders and many people picked this up, with some saying “IT’S THE BEST PALETTE AT THE SHOW” we had people making comparisons to other luxury brands who are stocked in SPACE.NK.   We even had customer who chose AHB Cosmetics over Charlotte Tilbury having compared the two.

It was a step out of my comfort zone to engage with people who I didn’t know were interested, but once I started doing demonstrations, the palette and its end result spoke for itself.

It was a thrill to walk around the other exhibits and see customers walking around with our signature natural classy glow, and our glossy bag in hand.

All in all this was a great experience for us, as always it was hard work and I've lost my voice doing it! 

We also couldn’t have done it without the help of Helen Loo and Steve Abene from Stefanos Barbers who both gave up their valued family time to help us.


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  • Well done everyone so glad you had a productive weekend
    Nothing more than you deserve

    marilyn hilditch

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