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The Big Launch

Thank you to everybody who made it! So overwhelmed and thank you for all the cards, flowers and gifts. I hope you all enjoy the palette and would love to see your reviews!  

Also just a little mention that the catering was fabulous, courtesy of The Quarter, Hanley, Room Dressing from Dress 2 Impress and the cocktails flowed with Tim from Flow Motion Mobile Bar

Thanks again to all the People who have supported us from the start, and a special thanks to Karen and Mike for your help around the legalities.  Julie and Aynsley for your photographic technical advise,  and of course Steve and Rosanna from Stefano's and La Bronza for letting us use the venue and stepping in to help us.

The day went brilliantly with the shop transformed (Id like to keep some of the Willow trees from Dress 2 Impress).  The Tokyo Blossom Cocktail from Flow Motion was a real hit.  It was also lovely to see the models again.  

It was very humbling to spend the day with so many friends and supporters, some of whom were nearly as excited as me.

All in all an amazing and memorable start for AHB Cosmtics,  Thank You Everyone



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