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The reviews have started

Its been a while since we did a blog, as we've been extremely busy over the weeks from our launch.  

More importantly we've had some professional reviews on the product starting to be published  We have always known the quality of our Highlight & Strobe Kit.  We focused all our efforts into quality and not quantity, this is why we have one really high quality item rather than a range of medicor ones.

We have known this all along but for our new customers you have had to take our word for it. This is why we have been over the moon with our professional reviews which is starting to give us the credibility. Our USP is that it should suit all skin tones, which our reviews that we have received so far are starting to show.

We were featured in Tatler Magazine's, Bare Necessities...Beauty Basics 

Heather Nixon from said the palette contains four highlighters and two baked blushers in one gorgeous palette that has rose gold detailing...yes! For my ghostly pale skin, the lightest highlighter (London Frost) is perfect and it's the shade that I've been using the most. The Miami Sun shade which is a warm tan shade is also gorgeous and adds a golden summery glow. See the full review

Jasmine from said the pan-size is very similar to individual shades, making them a not-unreasonable £10 each. You get 4 unique-coloured highlighters and two baked blushers in here. Miami Sun (my favourite and actually a shade I've spent ages looking for) is a gorgeous peachy-apricot, Parisian Dawn a bronze-gold, London Frost an off-white and Dubai Haze an interesting warm red-bronze. See full review and images 

Sophie Lowe from said with shades such as Tokyo Blossom and New York Dusk this @ahbcosmetics palette is phenomenal! said this palette has not left my side and I can’t see it being forgotten about anytime soon! It’s really quick, cuts my makeup application time in half and I have worn this with just a simple light base, a bit of brow gel, mascara and a blush and highlight from this palette for a really simple natural glowy makeup look. Full review and images 

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