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What makes up a luxury brand ?

While at the Professional Beauty exhibition we were asked what makes a luxury brand?

 This stumped me for a second, but I realised that what makes luxury is distinction. In this day and age distinction comes from knowing about what is acceptable given the advances in knowledge and development.

 From the off we wanted our brand to be ethical because we want to leave something beautiful for the coming generations and that shouldn’t come at the cost of our generation looking amazing.

 I have always tried to use the most gentle products in my salon because beauty aside our skin is our biggest organ. I’m a huge advocate of paraben (free products, so to use a product with it in just doesn’t sit right with me.

 Also when it comes to a matter of my aesthetics I couldn’t live with myself in the knowledge that something has had to suffer for me to look good. It makes me proud that in many ways we have moved on where as once a trophy head on the wall was a symbol of status and wealth, now people are prepared to pay premium to have that reassurance that a product is cruelty free.

 We also had to be aware that the concept of luxury is very subjective, for those of you who remember MTV Crib’s you’ll know that money doesn’t buy class, which is what we wanted to achieve!

 Taking this all into account we also wanted to create a product that only used the best raw materials and breathed class. We reformulated and reformulated until we found the correct mix of luminance, pigmentation and powders that felt weightless on the skin so that our clients look amazing without feeling it.

 Each of these features increases the manufacturing overheads, and combined can severely limit your manufacturing options. However this is something that has to be accepted to stay true to your beliefs.

 Whilst the lower end make-up ranges give the illusion of great value, they will not incorporate each of these essential features combined in every AHB Cosmetics product. This is our distinction from the none luxury brands.

 So the answer of what makes a luxury brand is not about what is in a product but what is not, and not making compromises that will have an impact on your skin and the environment.

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