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Review by Jasmine Talks Beauty

AHB Cosmetics Highlight & Strobe Kit* | £59.95 | As gorgeous as this palette looked, I did have serious misgivings about a new brand pricing itself alongside Hourglass, By Terry and Becca, especially as the packaging is cardboard. However once it arrived, I did notice that the pan-size is very similar to individual shades, making them a not-unreasonable £10 each (which is fine if you like and use all of the shades). You get 4 unique-coloured highlighters and two baked blushers in here. Miami Sun (my favourite and actually a shade I've spent ages looking for) is a gorgeous peachy-apricot, Parisian Dawn a bronze-gold, London Frost an off-white and Dubai Haze an interesting warm red-bronze. 


AHB Cosmetics Blush & Highlight Brush* | £20 | This is the other product I got to try from the brand and can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty this is?!  I love the rose gold detail and white handle. It's the perfect brush to use with highlighters that have a stronger colour because it means you can softly brush the product across your cheeks for that all-in-one blusher and highlighter look. It also really works well for subtly applying your blusher.